This week, presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden picked Kamala Harris as his running mate. We’ll have more to say on Harris and the 2020 election in the coming weeks.

For now, unrest continues in major cities over police violence, and President Trump has deployed federal troops to several. This week in OtherWords, the Rev. Dr. Susan K. Williams Smith argues that these deployments aren’t about “law and order,” but the opposite.

Meanwhile, with schools reopening in much of the country, Sidney Miralao argues that, even where in-person learning is resuming, one group shouldn’t be coming back: military recruiters.

Also this week, Jill Richardson cautions against mask shaming, while Jim Hightower skewers the pandemic greed of America’s CEOs.

New This Week…

Trump Doesn’t Want Law or Order | Rev. Dr. Susan K. Williams Smith
Trump’s federal troops sow chaos and disorder wherever they’re deployed. That’s the point.

Military Recruiters Don’t Belong in High Schools | Sidney Miralao
Recruiters deliberately exploit the financial and social insecurities of teenagers to enlist more soldiers.

Wear a Mask if You Can, But Don’t Bully Those Who Can’t | Jill Richardson
There’s a more compassionate way to stay safe than harassing someone who might be disabled.

This Pandemic Brings Out the Worst in Our CEOs | Jim Hightower
Last year, CEOs signed a pledge to be better corporate citizens. Then the pandemic hit.

Re-balancing the Scales | Khalil Bendib
Liberty and justice for all means making reparations.

In Case You Missed It…

Teach Anti-Racism In Schools. It’s Worth It. | Cecelia Scheuer
Research shows engaging directly with our country’s racist past and present helps students of all colors.

I Was Tear Gassed in Portland — And Not Just By Feds | Robert P. Alvarez
Police departments are over-militarized at the local level, too. Here’s one way to change that.

The Supreme Court Just Made the Case for Medicare for All | Sophia Paslaski
The Court says employers can refuse to cover birth control. This is why care shouldn’t be tied to employment.

Happy 30th Birthday, ADA. What’s Next? | Jill Richardson
We need a system where people with disabilities are universally included by design — not “accommodation.”

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