If our economy is as fair as some like to say, why is it so unequal? And what’s that mean for those who get the short end of it?

This week in OtherWords, Josh Hoxie looks at the myth of “fairness” and at new research showing how it actually harms one of the largest populations of poor people in the United States: children.

One reason for poverty among kids and adults alike? The lack of a living wage in much of the country. Minimum wage increases are popular everywhere, but Jim Hightower explains how a corporate-funded “bill mill” is passing out legislation to help state governments quash wage hikes for the poorest people in their communities.

If that feels outrageous to you but you’re not the type to protest every week, Eleanor Greene shows how you can vote with your dollars every day.

Also this week, Alyssa Aquino wonders where that big Trump plan for America’s crumbling infrastructure is. Jill Richardson expounds on the simple pleasure of fruit trees.

And Khalil Bendib pokes fun at the disintegrating decorum of the president’s inner circle, embodied by the appointment of a profane communications director whose tenure didn’t even last till this cartoon’s run date.

The A Team

(Khalil Bendib/ OtherWords.org)

  1. Don’t Lie to Poor Kids About Why They’re Poor / Josh Hoxie
    Those at the bottom — and the top — deserve to know why their experiences are so different.
  2. Trumping Up Our Trains / Alyssa Aquino
    The president promised a huge infrastructure boost. So why won’t he fix our trains?
  3. You Can Vote Every Day — With Your Dollars / Eleanor Greene
    Support workers, communities, and the planet every time you reach for your wallet.
  4. Want to Improve Your Diet? Plant a Fruit Tree. / Jill Richardson
    Homegrown trees provide free, convenient fruit in season without requiring a trip to the store.
  5. Governors Are Stiffing Workers — and Democracy / Jim Hightower
    In Ohio and beyond, governors are signing corporate-backed laws to stop local communities from raising their minimum wages.
  6. The Dream Team? / Khalil Bendib
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Peter Certo

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