This week, President Biden introduced a $2 trillion jobs bill and infrastructure package. The package is expected to take months to come together in Congress, but advocates are already pushing hard around one area in particular: care work.

Care workers have been more essential than ever, Rebekah Entralgo writes this week, but most don’t make a living wage or get even a single sick day. This jobs bill needs to change that, she argues.

Also this week, Mary Frances Berry explains why it’s important to support women of color nominees in the Biden administration. Jill Richardson comments on an alarming crackdown on academic freedom and speech in statehouses. And Jim Hightower and Khalil Bendib show how explicit the GOP’s war on voters is becoming.

New This Week…

A Strong Economy Needs Care Workers | Rebekah Entralgo
Care workers are more essential than ever, but most don’t get a living wage or even a single sick day. It’s time to fix that.

Speaking Out for Women of Color Nominees | Mary Frances Berry
After four years of putting the wealthy first, we need office holders who bring “real people” experience to policy making.

State Lawmakers Are Cracking Down on Speech | Jill Richardson
On the one hand, conservatives complain about “cancel culture.” On the other, they slash budgets for schools that teach “social justice.”

Are You a ‘Low-Quality’ Voter? | Jim Hightower
Republican officials no longer support democracy — and they aren’t bothering to hide it.

The United States of Jim Crow | Khalil Bendib
A new seal to go along with those new GOP voter suppression laws.

In Case You Missed It…

The Worst Attack on Voting Rights Since Jim Crow | Phyllis Richardson
Most Americans want to make voting easier, not harder. We need to pass the For the People Act.

Medicare for All Could Save My Life | Phil Ateto
My insurance says my cancer drugs aren’t “medically necessary.” No one should have to fight for care like this.

I Want Civil Rights. They Want to Talk About Sports. | Robin Savannah Carver
Republicans are leveraging public ignorance about trans people to deny Queer Americans basic civil rights.

The Day I Became Antiwar | Peter Certo
A personal recollection on the day that launched the Iraq War — and its lessons for us 18 years later.

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Peter Certo

Peter Certo is the editorial manager of the Institute for Policy Studies.

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