Since a lot of folks are out for the week of Thanksgiving, we thought we’d do something a little different this week and revisit some evergreen favorites from earlier in the year.

This bundle includes Chuck Collins’ clever take on the GOP’s long abandoned “Eisenhower socialism,” medical student Autumn Vogel’s warnings about the health implications of climate change, and Minnesota shop owner Sarah Piepenburg’s story about how paid leave helps small businesses. We also revisit Amadi Amene’s thoughts on how employee-owned businesses can help poor communities, Sam Pizzigati’s empathy for “helicopter parents,” and Jill Richardson’s reminder that climate change is something fossil fuel companies did on purpose.

All of these hold up well — and are, of course, still free to read and re-publish. If you missed them last time around, give them a look now! And if you like the idea of an occasional newsletter that calls back some old favorites, drop us a line or reply to this email — it’s something we’re thinking about.

Looking for something new? We also have new commentaries up on our website at — including my case for the antiwar vote, Tracey L. Rogers’ reflections on how to redeem old plantations, and Sam Pizzigati’s number crunching on what it costs to buy a presidential election — all of which we’ll highlight in more depth in our newsletter next week. And we’ve gone ahead and shared Khalil Bendib’s new cartoon on Mike Bloomberg this week.

And now, I hope, a short breather. Happy Thanksgiving from all of us at OtherWords and the Institute for Policy Studies.

In Case You Missed It…

Bring Back Eisenhower Socialism | Chuck Collins
Conservatives want you to believe that not having to choose between paying for rent or medicine is Soviet-style tyranny.

I’m a Future Physician. My Patients’ Health Depends on Addressing Climate Change. | Autumn Vogel
Climate change is going to put incredible stress on our already overburdened health system. We need to prepare now.

Small Businesses Like Mine Need Paid Family and Medical Leave. | Sarah Piepenburg
Illnesses and injury shouldn’t bankrupt workers or their employers. Let’s pool resources to protect all of us.

Poor Neighborhoods Need More Than Investment | Amadi Amene
Low-income neighborhoods need employee-owned businesses anchored to their communities, not investors looking to make a quick buck.

Give America’s Helicopter Parents a Break | Sam Pizzigati
Hovering parents don’t need lectures. They need a more equal nation.

Reminder: Climate Change Was No Accident. | Jill Richardson
As far back as 1982, fossil fuel executives knew they were trading a few decades of profits for the entire future of the planet.

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