After an exhausting midterm campaign, the results are in and they’re… mixed.

Although Democrats won the House and several governor’s offices, the GOP scored a handful of Senate seats after a deeply disturbing late-stage campaign. This week in OtherWords, I look at the tools Republicans used to outperform their actual standing with voters. I argue that progressives need to get behind radical pro-democracy reforms, and fast.

Meanwhile, Domenica Ghanem looks at some of the winners in the new House majority. Despite a starkly Islamophobic election cycle, she reports, several Muslim candidates scored groundbreaking wins by embracing progressive policies.

In other election coverage, Jill Richardson says she’s ready for a post-Gingrich politics. And Khalil Bendib illustrates the voter suppression that may have kept the GOP in power in Georgia and Florida.

Also this week, in time for Veteran’s Day, Kevin Basl explains how veteran-led movements changed the military and helped build the middle class. Saurav Sarkar reports on poverty in Wisconsin (which finally ousted right-wing Governor Scott Walker). Josh Hoxie shares new report findings on America’s billionaires. And Jim Hightower skewers the White House’s shoddy obsession with “socialism.”

New This Week…

Midterm Takeaway: We Need a Lot More Democracy | Peter Certo
Republicans banked this election on lies, fear-mongering, and rule-rigging. It almost worked.

The ‘Blue Wave’ Was Also a ‘Muslim Wave’ | Domenica Ghanem
In the most Islamophobic election in history, Muslim candidates scored big wins by embracing progressive policies.

Military Benefits Were Won By Veterans Movements, Not Generosity | Kevin Basl
Like labor unions before them, veterans and soldiers organized to win benefits millions now rely on.

How Aristocracies Are Born | Josh Hoxie
Our country is on track to be run by the children of billionaires. Our ancestors recognized this and took action. We can too.

Getting Past Gingrich | Jill Richardson
I’m ready for a Congress that doesn’t prioritize hate speech and obstructionism over good governance.

An Honest Look at Poverty in the Heartland | Saurav Sarkar
Hardship is a lot more widespread in the Badger State than the official numbers would have you believe.

White House Economists Are Obsessed With Socialism | Jim Hightower
A new White House report links the idea of Medicare for All with Mao. Really?

Voting in Black and White | Khalil Bendib
Voting doesn’t look the same for everyone.

In Case You Missed It….

I Was Threatened With Two Years in Prison for Voting | Keith Sellars
Are politicians afraid of poor and working people like me actually having a say in how we run things?

Don’t Sacrifice Border Communities for Political Gain | Jasmine Aguilera
Trump’s threats to shut down the southern border would hurt the interconnected communities along it.

We’re Killing Thousands of People to Enrich a Few Corporations | Alex Potter
I’ve lived in Yemen. The lives of its people are worth more than any military contract.

We Only Have 12 Years to Save — Or Lose — Our Only Home | Olivia Alperstein
Consider this your all-hands-on-deck, siren-blaring warning that we need to act now or forever hold our peace.

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Peter Certo

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