In our last package before the election, Margot Rathke and Sarah Anderson report on new findings about the pivotal role poor people could play in the vote — and on-ground-efforts in places like Milwaukee to make that happen.

Meanwhile, laid-off Iowa factory worker Robert Morrison writes that he feels betrayed by the Trump administration, which has boasted about its jobs record even as blue-collar jobs have been eviscerated across the Midwest.

Also this week, Elaine Shelly, who’s spent years of her life in nursing care, argues that the pandemic has made it all too clear that this election needs to be about care-giving. And Jim Hightower explains how the pandemic has been a boon for the already wealthy.

Finally, if you missed it before, take a good look at Daniel Hunter’s piece on how to prevent a coup… just in case!

Thanks for giving OtherWords a look each week during such an overloaded time. We may take off next week while we process election results — or the lack thereof — but either way we’ll be back with more as soon as we’re able. Take good care.

New This Week…

Unleashing the Power of Poor Voters | Margot Rathke and Sarah Anderson
The votes of low-income voters could decide this election. These neighborhood activists are working to make it happen.

Trump Sold Out Workers Like Me | Robert Morrison
The president came to Iowa bragging about his jobs record, but he didn’t lift a finger when my 150-year-old plant closed.

Make This Election About Care | Elaine Shelly
There should only be one America: one where we all get the best care and the widest range of choices.

The Pandemic Has Been a Bonanza for the Rich | Jim Hightower
Billionaires are letting their money make money for them, while CEOs slash jobs and reward themselves with bonuses.

Injustice Barrett | Khalil Bendib
“Give me your Roe v. Wade, your wretched ACA…”

In Case You Missed It…

Ten Things to Know About Stopping a Coup | Daniel Hunter
Don’t wait until “someone else” figures it out. No matter who you are, you can be a part of choosing democracy.

Trump to Seniors: Drop Dead | Mitchell Zimmerman
In lieu of a plan for the virus, the president keeps assuring audiences that “only” older people will die.

Remember the Truly Vulnerable | Rosaline John Baptiste
I’m an immigrant domestic worker and I’ve lost my home. We need relief, regardless of our immigration status.

Biden’s Tax Plan Would Make America More Equal | Sam Pizzigati
High-end financial firms are warning their top 1 percent clients that their extraordinary tax privileges could soon end.

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