Like a lot of people, I was deeply moved when Khizr and Ghazala Khan mourned the loss of their son Humayan, a U.S. soldier who was killed in Iraq, in a speech at the Democratic convention.

Humayan never would’ve been allowed into the country if Donald Trump had his way, the Khans said. That’s true, and terrible. But, as I ask in an op-ed this week, wouldn’t Humayan be alive still today if not for the war in Iraq that Hillary Clinton supported?

Meanwhile, in our ongoing look at police violence, Milen Mehari shares what it felt like when police officers pulled their guns on her middle-aged mom over a simple traffic stop.

Also in OtherWords this week, Ava Richardson shares a familiar story about the challenges of eating right, Jill Richardson wonders whether solar energy is really “too expensive,” and Jim Hightower decries the Disney-fication of our national parks.

Finally, cartoonist Khalil Bendib illustrates the primary play in the Trump playbook: digging in.

  1. My Mother, Stopped for Driving While Black / Milen Mehari
    When the police pulled their guns on my middle-aged mom, a white motorist pulled up to tell them what a good job they were doing.
  2. The Sacrifice Muslim Soldier Khan Shouldn’t Have Had To Make / Peter Certo
    Clinton’s rhetoric on the Muslim world might be friendlier than Trump’s, but her record is much bloodier.
  3. My Food Identity Dilemma / Ava Richardson
    I’ve tried every specialty health food diet out there. It’s taught me that our knowledge of nutrition is always evolving.
  4. Is Solar Energy Really Too Expensive? / Jill Richardson
    Utilities are lobbying against the expansion of rooftop solar, and that’s no good for anyone.
  5. The Disney-fication of Our National Parks / Jim Hightower
    Congress is letting major corporations buy naming rights in America’s national park system.
  6. Trump’s Bunker / Khalil Bendib
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Peter Certo

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