This week in OtherWords, Isaiah Poole talks about how the Fight for $15 will ramp up in 2015 and Jim Hightower tackles the corporate hyping of college football.

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Happy 2015!

  1. Your Smartphone Could Be Poisoning Children / Elizabeth O’Connell
    The industry has stymied research that could hold it accountable.
  2. Fight for $15 in ’15 / Isaiah J. Poole
    Here’s one way to bypass the political gridlock in Washington and help struggling workers.
  3. Black Wealth Matters / Chuck Collins
    For generations, white households have enjoyed far greater access to wealth and security than their black counterparts.
  4. Tilting at Turbines / Emily Schwartz Greco
    Market forces are sparking solar and wind energy growth.
  5. A Corporate Coup in College Football / Jim Hightower
    Instead of sponsors bringing the games to us, bowl games now bring us to the sponsors.
  6. Get Wild without Abandoning Common Sense / Jill Richardson
    This year, get out there and enjoy what nature has to offer.
  7. Suffocating Black Wealth / Khalil Bendib cartoon
    There are many reasons for the racial divide with net worth in America.
Suffocating Black Wealth, an OtherWords cartoon by Khalil Bendib

Suffocating Black Wealth, an OtherWords cartoon by Khalil Bendib

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