This week the RussiaGate scandal, which had actually simmered down for a time, got a huge boost when reporters discovered emails about a meeting between a certain Donald Trump, Jr. and someone connected to the Russian government promising dirt on Hillary Clinton.

It looks like the closest thing to a smoking gun that’s turned up so far.

But as I write this week for OtherWords, there’s long been a much more obvious sort of collusion hiding in plain sight: the much more “ordinary” sort of corporate corruption that plagues all levels of government.

It’s not Russia, after all, that pulled the U.S. out of the Paris climate agreement, or is threatening to take health care from 22 million Americans to give the wealthiest a tax break.

Speaking of, LeeAnn Hall takes a look at what the health repeal bill would do for prescription drug costs, which Americans of every political stripe say they want to see go down.

Also this week, Josh Hoxie reports promising news from the other Washington on efforts to combat inequality at the local level. Jill Richardson reflects on some scathing reviews of the U.S. president at the recent G20 summit. And Jim Hightower says Amazon’s takeover of Whole Foods will bring 1984 to the grocery store.

Finally, Khalil Bendib illustrates a less covered news item this week: Nations of the world just negotiated a major anti-nuclear weapons treaty, but the nuclear armed countries stayed out of it.

Khalil Bendib/

  1. Trump’s Worst Collusion Isn’t With Russia — It’s With Corporations / Peter Certo
    The billionaires who backed Trump are making out a lot better than Putin.
  2. Worried Sick About Prescription Costs / LeeAnn Hall
    Drug corporations are bleeding Americans dry, and the proposed health care repeal will make things worse.
  3. Fed Up with Washington, DC? Look to Washington State. / Josh Hoxie
    In the face of gridlock at the federal level, Seattle is leading the way towards a more just economy.
  4. Is This How the World Sees America Now? / Jill Richardson
    A scathing review of the president’s performance at a recent global summit should raise red flags.
  5. 1984 at the Grocery Store / Jim Hightower
    Amazon is buying Whole Foods, and that’s bad news for humans.
  6. Don’t Feed the Nuclear Club / Khalil Bendib
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