Rights and Democracy

Senate Shenanigans

As its opening act this year, the Senate passed a bipartisan resolution to restrict–but not eliminate-a maneuver known as the “secret hold.” The rules still allow a single senator to anonymously delay urgent legislation.

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Echoes of Fascism

As the saying goes, Franco’s still dead. But fascism isn’t. Its basic tenet is what Mussolini called “supercapitalism,” a system where governments and corporations work hand-in-glove. Some modern business moguls might like to give it a shot. In Mussolini’s day, that meant government needed to take over companies. Today, the companies just take over the government.

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Sidelining Egyptian Women after the Uprising

A century ago, more than a million people marched in streets across Europe on the first International Women’s Day. They called for an end to discrimination and for women to have the same rights as men to work, vote, and shape their countries’ futures.

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Al-Jazeera English: TV You Can’t Watch on TV

All of this gets to the heart of one big problem with cable television–something that’s rarely talked about. In most areas of the country you can’t watch Al-Jazeera English. But you do get Fox News Channel. And if you’re like most people, you don’t watch it–and don’t plan on starting anytime soon. It’s a good bet that the actual viewing audience for Fox News is smaller than the number of folks who are disgusted by Fox’s far-right bloviating and fear-mongering.

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Silencing Human Trafficking Victims in America

Thanks to a wave of anti-immigrant proposals in state legislatures across the nation, fear of deportation and family separation has forced many immigrant women to stay silent rather than report workplace abuse and exploitation to authorities. The courts have weakened some of these laws and the most controversial pieces of Arizona’s SB 1070 law have been suspended. Unfortunately, America’s anti-immigrant fervor continues to boil.

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Elections You Can’t Count On

You may believe that on Election Day all of officialdom momentarily unites in urging us to vote. Leaders–rich and poor, Democrat and Republican, business and labor–want us to do our patriotic duty, preferably for their side.

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