This week in OtherWords, we’re running a Labor Day special edition in which Sarita Gupta writes about the labor movement’s efforts to make employee schedules more consistent and Donald Kaul weighs in on Donald Trump’s passion for pitting workers against each other. Also, Daniel Valenzuela and I draw attention to the runaway executive pay at oil, gas, and coal companies highlighted in a new Institute for Policy Studies report.

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  1. Making America Work for Working People / Sarita Gupta
    This Labor Day, remember the millions of Americans who don’t know the next time they’ll get called in to their jobs.
  2. When Unions and Civil Rights Activists Worked Together / Isaiah J. Poole
    Campaigners for racial justice and worker rights have often stood shoulder to shoulder.
  3. Pensions Powered by Climate Change / Daniel Valenzuela
    Fossil fuel executives have gained financial security while leaving everyone else behind.
  4. All Working People Should Support the Iran Deal / Michael Eisenscher
    We’ll never rebuild this country if we keep wasting money on war.
  5. Creating a Constituency for the News / Mike Rispoli
    In the wake of runaway media consolidation, it’s getting harder to stay informed about your own community.
  6. Greening America’s Energy Workforce / Emily Schwartz Greco
    The solar and wind industries are generating new jobs as fossil fuel companies fire thousands of workers.
  7. Trump’s No Outlier / Donald Kaul
    When it comes to the way he treats workers, the Donald is as Republican as capital gains and Richard Nixon.
  8. A Big Win for Fast Food Workers / Jill Richardson
    A recent labor board ruling lets employees bargain directly with their parent companies — and that’s a big deal.
  9. Greece’s Crisis Is More Twisted Than Ever / John Kiriakou
    While their embattled prime minister fights for his political life, the Greek people lose.
  10. How Not to Give Employees a Raise / Jim Hightower
    One former executive says he wants to hike worker pay — but only if he gets a tax break first.
  11. Rising CEO Pay Levels / Khalil Bendib

    Rising CEO Pay Levels, an OtherWords cartoon by Khalil Bendib

    Rising CEO Pay Levels, an OtherWords cartoon by Khalil Bendib


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