When Democratic hopefuls debated last night in Ohio, moderators failed to ask a single question about climate change.

This week in OtherWords, Charlie Simmons poses a question that would have been great to ask: What are we going to do about tax incentives that reward pollution? Also this week, Olivia Alperstein reports on new research pointing to a less-discussed but just as dangerous existential threat: nuclear weapons.

Meanwhile, my colleague Sarah Anderson shares her research on 50 U.S. corporations that pay their CEOs more than 1,000 times (!) what they pay their median workers. No wonder Mattel, which boasts a pay gap of over 3,400 (!), doesn’t include its own factory workers in its line of “Career Dolls” meant to inspire young girls.

Finally, Jill Richardson shares a personal account of coming to understand just how strange it is that LGBTQ rights are “debated” at all. Jim Hightower says mega mergers like the Kraft Heinz fiasco are bad business. And Khalil Bendib doesn’t think either Donald Trump or Joe Biden comes out of their squabbling over Ukraine looking particularly good.

New This Week…

Where Is ‘Line Worker’ Barbie? | Sarah Anderson
CEO-worker pay gaps are the clearest proof that corporations like Mattel and many others don’t respect their employees.

Our Tax System Rewards Polluters | Charlie Simmons
Last year, the biggest fossil fuel companies paid zero dollars in taxes — and actually received billions in rebates.

Don’t Forget: Nuclear Weapons Are an Existential Threat | Olivia Alperstein
A new study shows just how bad a nuclear war could get. We need a plan to eliminate this risk permanently.

Why Are LGTBQ Rights Even a Debate? | Jill Richardson
Before I came out, I thought it was normal to “debate” our right to marry or hold a job. Now I know it’s not — at all.

Mega Merger, Mega Mess | Jim Hightower
Corporate takeovers and consolidations aren’t just bad morals, but bad business too.

Swamp Wrestling | Khalil Bendib
When it comes to unsavory family entanglements, both Trump and Biden may have a problem.

In Case You Missed It…

Don’t Leave Equality to the Supreme Court | Theo Wuest
In 29 states, trans people can legally be denied jobs and housing because of who we are. Congress should act.

We Can’t Hug Away Injustice | Tracey L. Rogers
Brandt Jean’s embrace of the officer who killed his brother Botham was touching — and also frustrating.

Inequality Is Literally Killing Us | Sam Pizzigati
Again and again, studies show that the richer wealthy Americans become, the shorter the rest of us live.

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