Articles by John Cavanagh

Pope Francis, Yeah Yeah Yeah

Francis vs. Washington

June 24, 2015 | Lawmakers and the White House are at odds with the pope's vision for protecting the planet.

jcjr-haiyan-NASA Goddard Photo and Video

A Typhoon Tax

November 20, 2013 | Climate action is the right thing to do and smart economics.

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Forging Ahead at 50

October 9, 2013 | Not every think tank could weather FBI infiltration, scapegoating by right-wing extremists, and even a car-bomb assassination.

Inequality Is Hurting Us All

March 20, 2013 | If the levels of greater income equality of 1968 still prevailed today, the poorest fifth of Marylanders would be earning twice what they take home now.


No Game-Changer

February 13, 2013 | Obama's State of the Union address nudged the debate in the right direction, but not far enough.