Economy and Business

Good-for-Nothing Commission

We have seen the future and it is grim. That glimpse of the road ahead arrived in the form of a preview of the Bowles-Simpson Commission’s report on the kinds of things government has to do (and not do) if we want to avoid economic doom.

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Recession? What Recession?

You may not be familiar with the National Bureau of Economic Research. Who is? Regardless, it’s the official determiner of when we are in a recession and when we are not. Right now, we are not. The Bureau just announced  the Great Recession ended clear back in June, 2009. Who knew? I thought unemployment was still around 9.5 percent.

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Outsourcing Television

The unemployment rate remains near double digits, and many Americans have simply stopped looking for work. Yet somehow an NBC sitcom about U.S. jobs going overseas is becoming a hit.

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