This week, President Trump announced that he was ordering meatpacking facilities — which have been hotbeds of coronavirus infection — to remain open. More egregiously still, he’s issuing waivers to companies to absolve them of any responsibility for workers who become infected or die on the job.

In OtherWords, Jill Richardson calls that a death sentence. Instead of seriously balancing the public health and economic trade-offs any pandemic response will make, she writes, this administration is simply rolling back every environmental and labor regulation it can think to.

Exacerbating the problem, many of these facilities are concentrated in rural areas — which, as Gloria Oladipo reports, could be extremely vulnerable to the next wave of infection. Rural hospitals were closing at an alarming rate even before the crisis, and an older population with high rates of uninsurance in these areas could leave them dangerously exposed.

Speaking of hospitals, Dr. Leo Lopez writes this week that any hospitals accepting federal bailout funds — and there are a good many — should be barred from harassing poor patients to collect debts. In a pandemic, he writes, the first priority should also be public health.

Finally, Jim Hightower writes that our real pre-existing condition was inequality, while Khalil Bendib wonders if there’s any safe “social distance” from our commander in chief.

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