This week, President Trump vowed (again) to shut down the government over border wall funding.

On the other side of that proposed fence are thousands of people he’s barely mentioned since the elections: homeless migrants and refugees. Border Patrol agents recently fired tear gas at these mothers and children.

In OtherWords this week, Kerri Kennedy reports back from a trip to the border zone. In the migrants, she sees two other parents many Americans celebrate this season: Mary and Joseph. (And if you missed it, last week Jasmine Aguilera reported on the more welcoming example toward refugees set by many Mexicans in Tijuana.)

Speaking of the holiday season, you’re probably mailing some gifts. You may not have heard, but the White House recently proposed privatizing — and reducing — much of America’s public postal service. Veteran postal worker Kathy Toler explains this week why that would cost you more, especially if you live in the country or a small town.

Also this week, Frank Clemente explains how last year’s GOP tax bill basically guaranteed huge job losses like the recent GM plant closures. Jill Richardson parses the morality of the administration’s attitude toward science. And Khalil Bendib imagines the GOP as Sisyphus hoisting the rock of the president’s misdeeds.

New This Week…

This Holiday Season, I’m Standing With Migrants | Kerri Kennedy
Mary and Joseph fled their country to keep their child alive. We should embrace families making the same difficult choice today.

I’m a Postal Worker. If You Live in a Small Town or Suburb, Listen Up! | Kathy Toler
A Trump administration plan could mean reduced service and higher postage for at least half of all ZIP codes.

The GOP Tax Bill Is Creating Jobs — Just Not in the U.S. | Frank Clemente
Thanks to the GOP tax law, corporations get huge breaks for outsourcing jobs. And workers? They get pink slips.

A War on Science, Morals, and the Law | Jill Richardson
Many “scientific” questions are more accurately considered moral questions. The Trump administration’s approach to the environment fails on both counts.

Sisyphus the Elephant | Khalil Bendib
The GOP is doomed to bear the weight of Trump’s crimes for eternity.
In Case You Missed It…

Republicans Don’t Want Your Vote to Count | Jill Richardson
They’re trying to overturn the will of voters in Wisconsin, Michigan, and maybe a state near you.

Lessons from South of the Border | Jasmine Aguilera
In Tijuana, some Mexicans have embraced the Trump line on Central American migrants. But others have welcomed them with open arms.

Executives Make Millions Misleading Cancer Patients. Here’s One Way to Stop Them. | Sam Pizzigati
Cancer-treatment executives are reaping fortunes off misleading marketing. We should make that less profitable.

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