This weekend, 57 senators voted to convict former president Donald Trump following his second impeachment. It was the highest number of senators ever to support conviction — and the most bipartisan impeachment conviction vote to date.

Still, it came up short of the 67 votes required for a formal conviction. Many Republican senators, after refusing to hold a vote while Trump was still president, claimed a private citizen can’t be impeached.

This week in OtherWords, we look at what might happen next.

Attorney Mitchel Zimmerman makes the case for what would normally happen to private citizens credibly accused of wrongdoing: indictment. And Sarah Anderson details the ongoing fight to unmask the financiers of the January 6 riot Trump helped to incite.

Meanwhile, Jill Richardson explores the role of education in fighting the conspiracy theories that led to the coup attempt. She cautions against the classist — an inaccurate — portrayal of conspiracy theorists as “uneducated.”

Also this week, Bob Lord looks at this year’s Forbes 400 and wonders how long till we see “trillionaire trust fund babies” on the list. Jim Hightower makes the case for overhauling the Department of Agriculture. And Khalil Bendib illustrates the GOP’s post-Trump predicament.

New This Week…

Trump Should Be Indicted | Mitchell Zimmerman
GOP senators said Trump was culpable, but he’s a “private citizen” now. Fine — indict him like one.

Expose the Insurrection Financiers | Sarah Anderson
Trump’s trial is over, but there’s still much to learn about the deep pockets who financed the January 6 coup attempt.

America’s Future: Trillionaire Trust Fund Babies? | Bob Lord
Billionaire wealth is exploding. They’re passing that wealth to heirs and heiresses virtually tax-free.

Education Won’t Stop Conspiracy Theories | Jill Richardson
Formal education is often a mark of privilege, not intelligence.

Overhaul the USDA | Jim Hightower
For decades, the Agriculture Department has been indifferent to struggling rural communities. That has to change.

A Pitchfork in the Road | Khalil Bendib
Lose the country, or lose the base?

In Case You Missed It…

End the Sub-minimum Tipped Wage | Rebekah Entralgo
This Black History Month, we have a chance to end this relic of slavery — and raise wages for workers of every color.

A Pathway to Citizenship for All Undocumented Americans | Vanessa Meraz
Years of advocacy have made DACA the floor of what’s possible, not the ceiling.

Why Some Men Reject Environmentalism | Jill Richardson
Research links embracing fossil fuels to conservative ideas about masculinity. Can these ideas change?

After the Muslim Ban | Domenica Ghanem
I’m glad Biden repealed Trump’s Muslim ban, but the work of repairing the harm is just beginning.

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