As reports emerge of horrifying conditions in immigration detention camps this week, Lizet Ocampo reports on the latest revelations and wonders when Americans will say enough is enough. And Jill Richardson, who visited a detainment facility in 2010 under the Obama administration, argues that Trump’s attempt to blame the abuses on Obama doesn’t hold up.

Meanwhile, as the Trump administration continues to ratchet up tensions with Iran, Mina Shahinfar explains the human cost of sanctions on ordinary Iranians like her family members.

Also this week, Brian Wakamo says we can afford a much, much better food system. And Jim Hightower discloses a Capitol Hill secret about “socialized health care.”

Finally, if all of this leaves you feeling deflated going into the Fourth of July holiday, Jill Richardson has some advice for how to celebrate our flawed nation.

New This Week…

Our Immigrant Prisons Are an Atrocity | Lizet Ocampo
Children are suffering and dying. Enough is enough.

What Sanctions Mean for My Iranian-American Family | Mina Shahinfar
As innocent people suffer, break-ins are on the rise — including at my grandparents’ house.

We Have the Money to Fix Our Food System | Brian Wakamo
Imagine supporting farmers markets, child nutrition, and local agriculture with money we spend on factory farms.

Trump Can’t Blame His Cruelty on Obama | Jill Richardson
Obama’s record on immigration was flawed, but a center I visited in 2010 was far more humane than what we see now.

Congress Loves Socialized Health Care — For Itself | Jim Hightower
Members can walk straight into a Capitol Hill clinic, get treated without insurance, and count on taxpayers to cover the tab.

Our Goose Is Cooked | Khalil Bendib
A recipe for disaster for our nation of immigrants.

In Case You Missed It…

Fund Head Start, Not Internment Camps | Kenia Alcocer
One policy gives children lifelong benefits. The other destroys lives.

How Do You Celebrate a Flawed Nation? | Jill Richardson
To love America is to love the movements that have fought for centuries to make it better.

Don’t Send Refugees Back to Danger | Karen Romero
We’re forcing asylum seekers to wait indefinitely in some of the world’s most dangerous cities. That has to stop.

Refusing to Fund Our Own Destruction | Kelsey Hawkins-Johnson
From the White House to Ohio, too many politicians care more about protecting toxic industries than their constituents.

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