This week marks Juneteenth, a celebration of the end of slavery in the United States. But while formal slavery ended over 150 years ago, Jessicah Pierre notes this week that black families in the United States still lag centuries behind white families in household wealth. To mark this year’s celebration, she offers 10 ideas to close the gap.

One driver of that divide? Mass incarceration and the war on drugs. But the drug war’s days are numbered, Paul Armentano reports this week, with dozens of new state laws slowly dismantling the war on cannabis and the people who use it.

Meanwhile, the Women’s World Cup is underway — and the U.S. team is going to court to protest gender discrimination. This week, Brian Wakamo explains how the plight of America’s world champion women’s team mirrors the plight of women workers all over the country.

Also this week, Negin Owliaei shares a familiar story about how the cost of health care prevents people from seeking treatment for even serious conditions. Jill Richardson is fed up with cheap rainbow swag. And Khalil Bendib thinks there’s something all too familiar about the administration’s latest case for conflict with Iran.

New This Week…

Celebrating Juneteenth with Bold New Ideas | Jessicah Pierre
Closing our racial wealth divide requires bold thinking, but so did ending slavery.

Support the Women’s World Cup Team | Brian Wakamo
The U.S. women’s soccer team outperforms its male counterpart but earns less — like women in every other field.

Medicare for All Would Save Money — and Lives | Negin Owliaei
The last thing on your mind during a ride to the ER should be: Is this going to bankrupt me?

State by State, the War on Cannabis is Ending | Paul Armentano
Dozens of new state laws are expanding legal cannabis use — and expunging the records of users caught up in the system.

Corporate Pride Is Cheap | Jill Richardson
Churning out cheap rainbow swag during Pride Month is about marketing, not supporting LGBTQ people.

Irrefutable Proof | Khalil Bendib
Iranian “provocations” in the Gulf are the best case for war since WMDs in Iraq.

In Case You Missed It…

Good News: Straight People Don’t Need a Parade | Jill Richardson
Straight pride is already well-represented in everything from children’s books to rom-coms to music videos.

Can Society Survive Without Empathy? | Sam Pizzigati
In a deeply unequal America, many of our deepest pockets are keen to find out.

The Climate Crisis Is Also a Health Emergency | Olivia Alperstein
For already vulnerable populations, the health risks of extreme weather events can be deadly.

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