Late last week, the Mueller investigation reached its anticlimactic conclusion.

In OtherWords, Khalil Bendib imagines Trump scratching Mueller off his enemies list. Jill Richardson argues that not being conclusively charged with one particular crime is hardly a ringing endorsement of a presidency. And I argue that collusion with Russia was never the real scandal — collusion with corporations is.

Also this week, we’ve got two powerful pieces on health care. Iowa nurse Barb Kalbach explains why rural America’s health crisis can only be fixed by Medicare for all. And Texas mom Katy Moreno shares how Medicaid helped care for her child while she got a GED and enrolled in a nursing program.

Finally, Jen Herrick reports on how the Equality Act would provide a much needed update for America’s civil rights laws. And Jim Hightower thinks Trump hates farmers.

New This Week…

Russia Was Never the Real Scandal | Peter Certo
Collusion with corporations has always been hiding in plain sight. It takes real people to fight that — not an elite prosecutor.

Rural America Needs Medicare for All, and Fast | Barb Kalbach
I’m a registered nurse from rural Iowa. In communities like mine, privatized care is an extractive industry — and it’s drying up.

A Russiagate Reality Check | Jill Richardson
For most of us, when we rate how we’re doing in our jobs, we don’t say, “Nobody can prove I committed a crime!”

What Health Care Means for Families Like Mine | Katy Moreno
With help from Medicaid, my newborn got life-saving care — and I got a GED.

Everyone Deserves Full Protection Under the Law | Jen Herrick
It’s time to update our nation’s civil rights laws to protect LGBTQ+ people.

Trump Hates Farmers | Jim Hightower
He tweets odes to America’s small farmers, but his actions are tearing them apart.

Mueller Gets Spared | Khalil Bendib
But America doesn’t.

In Case You Missed It…

It’s March Madness. Unionize the NCAA! | Brian Wakamo
“Student-athletes” make billions for others while putting their own futures at risk.

The Real College Admissions Scandal | Jessicah Pierre
Wealthy families have rigged college admissions for generations, but they want you to blame affirmative action.

Small Businesses Like Mine Need Paid Leave | Sarah Piepenburg
Illnesses and injury shouldn’t bankrupt workers or their employers. Let’s pool resources to protect all of us.

Paper Receipts Could Be the Next Plastic Straws | Beth Porter
Paper receipts generate enormous amounts of waste each year — and hardly anyone needs them.

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