This week, while so much else was happening, the war in Afghanistan quietly turned 17. America’s longest war seldom gets front-page coverage, and politicians scarcely bother to discuss it anymore. And that, Stacy Bannerman writes this week, is why thousands of military families say it’s time to end it.

Endless war has social costs, too. As Saurav Sarkar writes this week, a tremendous amount of federal investment in Virginia, for instance, goes disproportionately to the military, even as over 40 percent of Virginians struggle to get by. And ever more Americans are falling into the “working homeless trap,” Josh Hoxie adds, in a compelling case that no Americans should be poor.

Also this week, Anny Martinez likens the GOP’s treatment of the Brett Kavanaugh allegations to abusive behavioral patterns described by psychologists. Jill Richardson talks about the importance of staying engaged beyond voting. And Jim Hightower calls out the administration for continuing to abuse immigrant kids in ever more remote locations.

Finally, cartoonist Khalil Bendib likens the new Supreme Court to a rubber stamp for the White House.

New This Week

Enough Folded Flags: Military Families Speak Out Against the War in Afghanistan | Stacy Bannerman
A nation that doesn’t remember the people sent to fight on its behalf has no business sending more.

The GOP’s Kavanaugh Textbook Was Textbook Abusive Behavior | Anny Martinez
Psychologists call it DARVO: deny, attack, reverse victim and offender.

Nobody Should Be Poor in the United States, Period | Josh Hoxie
Amazon’s wage hike is welcome news, but nobody’s well-being should depend on the whims of billionaire CEOs.

Virginians Show the Real Face of Poverty | Saurav Sarkar
Over 40 percent of Virginians struggle to get by — a problem made worse by voter suppression and military-first spending priorities.

Voting Matters, But Staying Engaged Matters More | Jill Richardson
Real change means staying active long after Election Day.

Traumatizing Kids Out of Sight Is Just as Bad | Jim Hightower
We no longer see the images on TV every night, but it’s still happening.

Trump’s Best Court Ever | Khalil Bendib
The Supreme Court is now just a rubber stamp for the White House.

In Case You Missed It…

Under Cover of Kavanaugh, Republicans Passed Huge Tax Cuts for the Wealthy | Frank Clemente
While Americans watched the Senate, House Republicans passed an extra $3 trillion tax cut for rich people and corporations.

We Need to Talk About Masculinity | Jill Richardson
If we taught men better ways of “being a man,” we wouldn’t have to teach women to cover their drinks.

It’s Your Post Office. Keep It. | Julie Bates
Take it from a postal worker: If the U.S. sells its public mail service, consumers will lose big time.

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