This week, Supreme Court nominee Amy Coney Barrett is fielding questions from the Senate Judiciary Committee.

So far, she’s refused to say whether voter intimidation is a crime, whether President Trump can delay the election or deny a peaceful transfer of power, and if she’d recuse herself from any ruling on the 2020 election. Last week in OtherWords, the Rev. Susan K. Smith looked at Barrett’s record and laid out the stakes.

The Supreme Court is the last legal line of defense for the Trump administration if it seeks to contest the results of the 2020 election — but other avenues may not be entirely legal. This week, Daniel Hunter draws from modern history to offer practical tips for voters looking to prevent a possible coup attempt.

Also this week, Sarah Anderson shares an inspiring story from Wisconsin, where family farmers are teaming up with immigrant meatpackers to promote safer working conditions and better supports for everyone in our food system.

Finally, Jill Richardson highlights various voter suppression schemes, while Jim Hightower accuses Republican candidates of using “Jim Crow” tactics to fend off election challengers.

New This Week…

Ten Things to Know About Stopping a Coup | Daniel Hunter
Don’t wait until “someone else” figures it out. No matter who you are, you can be a part of choosing democracy.

Farmers and Meatpackers Are Teaming Up | Sarah Anderson
During the pandemic and recession, farmers are realizing they have more in common with immigrant meatpackers than agribusiness CEOs.

Voter Suppression in a Pandemic Election | Jill Richardson
Voting is more difficult than it should be in the best of times. In the pandemic, many states are adding barriers, not removing them.

Republicans Unleash Their Inner Jim Crow | Jim Hightower
Endangered GOP incumbents are launching increasingly racialized attacks against their challengers.

Good Terrorists, Bad Terrorists | Khalil Bendib
A “militia” by any other name…

In Case You Missed It…

Remember the Truly Vulnerable | Rosaline John Baptiste
I’m an immigrant domestic worker and I’ve lost my home. We need relief, regardless of our immigration status.

Amy Coney Barrett Has No Business Ruling on This Election | Rev. Susan K. Smith
The president has openly said he expects her to back him in a contested election. She should recuse herself — and we should resist her.

How Taxpayers Funded ‘Consulting Fees’ for Ivanka Trump | Sam Pizzigati
The president reduced his tax bill by writing off large payments to his daughter. He calls it “smart” — tax lawyers call it criminal.

A Bittersweet Hispanic Heritage Month | Robert P. Alvarez
This year, we’re facing high COVID-19 infection rates, job losses, and voter suppression. But we are resilient.

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