As new revelations of potential abuse come forward in the impeachment inquiry into President Trump, Jill Richardson wonders: Why does Trump keep doing this stuff? Possibly, she worries, because it often works.wall

Meanwhile, we look at some longer-term threats to democracy in a pair of important pieces.

Olivia Snow Smith reports on the worrying role Wall Street hedge funds are playing in the collapse of local U.S. media — and on how some lawmakers are trying to stop it. And Josue De Luna Navarro, a former engineering student, looks at the role of the fossil fuel industry in funding STEM education and what that means for addressing the climate crisis.

Also this week, medical student Michael Walls argues that his patients deserve Medicare for All, so they can get whatever treatment they need without insurance companies getting in the way.

Finally, Lauren Worth looks at new research showing working class Americans don’t live as long as their affluent counterparts. But while Washington is gridlocked, she says, local communities are stepping in to close the gap.

New This Week…

Wall Street Is Killing Local Newspapers | Olivia Snow Smith
We can’t put a price tag on our free press — but unless we stop them, predatory investors can.

How Fossil Fuels Pollute STEM Education | Josue De Luna Navarro
Polluters lost the fight on climate science, so they’re spending money on something else: false solutions.

My Patients Deserve Medicare for All | Michael Walls
If my patient needs a heart procedure, we should decide that together — not some insurance company.

How Local Communities Can Tackle the ‘Death Gap’ | Lauren Worth
Working-class Americans die younger. Here’s what your town can do about it.

Why Does Trump Keep Doing This? | Jill Richardson
Either our system is going to break, or Trump’s finally going to fail. It’s an exhausting drama.

Immaculate Deception | Khalil Bendib
Somebody’s expecting a big scandal.

In Case You Missed It…

The Case for Impeachment Goes Beyond Ukraine | Peter Certo
Democrats need to take Trump’s crimes against people and the planet as seriously as those against Joe Biden.

No One Should Have to Bargain for Their Health Care | Negin Owliaei
As the GM strike shows, employers use their workers’ health as a bargaining chip. Medicare for All would end that.

We Need a Homes Guarantee — Now | Linda Armitage
In the wealthiest country in world history, we can and we must guarantee that everyone has a home.

A Turning Point On Racial Inequity | Diallo Brooks
Presidential candidates are finally feeling the pressure to talk about structural racism. The rest of us should, too.

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