This week, the Supreme Court is hearing arguments over whether existing civil rights laws protect transgender Americans from discrimination. Theo Wuest explains the stakes for trans Americans just trying to hold down a job and a place to live.

Meanwhile, in the wake of former police officer Amber Guyger’s conviction for murdering Botham Jean, Tracey L. Rogers parses her complicated feelings about the courtroom drama that followed, when Jean’s brother embraced Guyger before her sentencing.

It was a touching moment, Tracey admits. But why are black Americans always the ones called on to show compassion for people who hurt them?

Also this week, Sam Pizzigati reports on new research linking higher inequality to declining life expectancy. Jill Richardson explains what a recent controversy at the University of Wisconsin reveals about the visibility of marginalized people in daily life. And Jim Hightower tells Kroger they’d better put your local paper back on their shelves.

New This Week…

Don’t Leave Equality to the Supreme Court | Theo Wuest
In 29 states, trans people can legally be denied jobs and housing because of who we are. Congress should act.

We Can’t Hug Away Injustice | Tracey L. Rogers
Brandt Jean’s embrace of the officer who killed his brother Botham was touching — and also frustrating.

Inequality Is Literally Killing Us | Sam Pizzigati
Again and again, studies show that the richer wealthy Americans become, the shorter the rest of us live.

What Life on the Margins Feels Like | Jill Richardson
A recent uproar on my campus reveals the pain young people of color feel at being treated like “others.”

Tell Kroger They’d Better Carry Your Local Paper | Jim Hightower
With no warning or consultation, the giant grocery chain banished local papers from its stores. No way!

Ukraine Gate (And Ukraine Moat) | Khalil Bendib
Once again, Trump wants to build a wall — except this time it’s to keep Congress out.

In Case You Missed It…

Wall Street Is Killing Local Newspapers | Olivia Snow Smith
We can’t put a price tag on our free press — but unless we stop them, predatory investors can.

How Fossil Fuels Pollute STEM Education | Josue De Luna Navarro
Polluters lost the fight on climate science, so they’re spending money on something else: false solutions.

My Patients Deserve Medicare for All | Michael Walls
If my patient needs a heart procedure, we should decide that together — not some insurance company.

How Local Communities Can Tackle the ‘Death Gap’ | Lauren Worth
Working-class Americans die younger. Here’s what your town can do about it.

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