Allow me to introduce myself: I’m Peter Certo, our new editor here at OtherWords.

I’m taking over from my colleague and mentor Emily Schwartz Greco, who’s leaving the Institute for Policy Studies after 13 years of incredibly hard work  half of which she spent building OtherWords into the vibrant service it is today. If you care about good opinion writing and missed her farewell column last week, I hope you’ll do yourself a favor and read it here.

A little about me: I’ve spent most of the last 5 years working on this project, first as an editorial assistant and more recently as our deputy editor. I’ve also worked as the editor of the Institute’s Foreign Policy In Focus service, which has led me to write a number of foreign-policy themed op-eds for OtherWords. I hope to continue contributing these from time to time in my new role.

In this week’s package, Martha Burk takes on the GOP’s expanded “war on women,” Bob Lord runs the numbers on America’s ever-expanding economic inequality, and Jim Hightower pokes holes in the story about that $5 billion Goldman Sachs settlement.

As always, you can follow OtherWords on Twitter @OTWords, and you can reach us by email at Feel free to reach out and say hello.


“Tone Deaf on Trade,” an OtherWords cartoon by Khalil Bendib

  1. A 2-Pronged Assault on Women / Martha Burk
    The GOP isn’t just taking aim at reproductive rights — it’s after our very economic survival.
  2. Inequality Will Get Worse Until There’s a Revolution / Bob Lord
    America’s wealth concentration has increased tenfold since Bill Clinton first ran for president.
  3. We Live in a Democracy, Not a Theocracy / Marc Morial
    The free exercise of religion doesn’t include a right to discriminate.
  4. The Good Food Movement Needs Science, Too / Jill Richardson
    Big Ag is hurting animals and the environment.
  5. Crime Can Pay if It’s Big Enough / Jim Hightower
    For banksters like Goldman Sachs, federal criminal settlements are just a cost of doing business.
  6. Tone Deaf on Trade / Khalil Bendib
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Peter Certo

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