This week in OtherWords, Janet Redman highlights how the Trans-Pacific Partnership could make it harder for Americans to safeguard our communities and I explain why the natural gas industry is in big trouble.

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Billionaire vs. Billionaire, an OtherWords cartoon by Khalil Bendib.

Billionaire vs. Billionaire, an OtherWords cartoon by Khalil Bendib

  1. Betting the Farm on Free Trade / Janet Redman
    The White House is gambling with our health, jobs, and environment by embracing the Trans-Pacific Partnership.
  2. Cracking Down on Abusive Debt Collectors / LeeAnn Hall
    The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau must stop this national crisis.
  3. Natural Gas Becomes a Fracking Mess / Emily Schwartz Greco
    The Porter Ranch disaster may erase the industry’s undeserved reputation as a clean energy source.
  4. Trump’s Impeachable Offense / John Kiriakou
    GOP presidential candidates are endorsing torture, again.
  5. The Blind Spots of Dead White Men / Jill Richardson
    Black history must be remembered all year long.
  6. Stomping on Our Constitutional Rights / Jim Hightower
    Several states have made it a crime to record corporate animal abusers in the act.
  7. Billionaire vs. Billionaire / Khalil Bendib cartoon
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Emily Schwartz Greco

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