“I feel angry and heartbroken” after the massacre in Orlando, writes transgender teen activist Grace Dolan-Sandrino this week in OtherWords. But even as a culture of fear and bigotry descends on our country, “we’re stronger than you think.”

I hope you won’t miss Grace’s reflections on the massacre, or her suggestions for how you can help support the LGBTQ communities that were targeted.

Meanwhile, cartoonist Khalil Bendib runs a background check on the United States itself. Given our record of inaction on mass shootings, we probably wouldn’t pass.

Also this week, Lauren Karaffa looks at a massive  if invisible — part of the U.S. workforce: incarcerated people. Jill Richardson explains why it could still take another 35 years to properly regulate obvious toxins like arsenic. And Jim Hightower critiques Hillary Clinton’s top economic adviser — namely her husband.

Finally, on a lighter note, author and naturalist James McClintock shares a heartening development from the world of fishing: More and more fishers are letting their catch go, and that’s great for conservation.

America's Background Check an OtherWords cartoon by Khalil Bendib

America’s Background Check an OtherWords cartoon by Khalil Bendib

  1. They’re Killing Us. Help Us Stop Them. / Grace Dolan-Sandrino
    From Orlando to Washington, a culture of fear and bigotry is taking hold of this country. We can stop it together.
  2. The Civil War Didn’t End Slavery After All / Lauren Karaffa
    The American prison system is a massive — if invisible — part of our economy and social fabric.
  3. Hooked on Conservation / James McClintock
    More and more of America’s 40 million fishers are enjoying fishing as a catch-and-release sport.
  4. Is This New Reform a Toxic Waste? / Jill Richardson
    It may take over three decades to regulate consumer chemicals that we already know are deadly.
  5. Hillary Wants to Bring Back Bill. She Shouldn’t. / Jim Hightower
    Why would Hillary threaten workaday Americans with another poke in the eye from her con man spouse?
  6. America’s Background Check / Khalil Bendib
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Peter Certo

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