A big question in Washington this week is whether Donald Trump will start writing checks to prop up his flagging campaign funds. Whatever he does with his money, the guy’s certainly been writing a lot of checks with his mouth.

This week in OtherWords, I explain why Trump’s offensive comments about Muslims aren’t just wrong — they’re exactly what groups like ISIS want him to say. Khalil Bendib draws it up perfectly. Meanwhile, Jim Hightower draws the only logical conclusion from the GOP candidate’s hostility toward an American judge of Mexican descent.

Speaking of logical conclusions, John Morlino offers what he calls the “only sane conclusion” from shootings like the one in Orlando: Americans need to start breaking up with their guns.

Also this week, businessman Dal LaMagna explains why the Chobani model — turning employees into partners — is great for business. (He should know. He’s done it.) And Jill Richardson issues a plea to protect our national parks from gaudy corporate advertisements.


Radical Haters Unite an OtherWords cartoon by Khalil Bendib.

  1. ISIS Must Love Trump / Peter Certo
    While Muslims prayed for Orlando, the GOP nominee urged his followers to reach for their guns.
  2. The Only Sane Conclusion from Orlando
 / John Morlino
    Nothing short of disarming can save us from ourselves.
  3. More Chobani Capitalism, Please / Dal LaMagna
    Take it from the Tweezerman: Turning employees into owners is great for business.
  4. Welcome to Half Dome, Sponsored by Nike / Jill Richardson
    Instead of funding our parks, the government will now auction off naming rights to the highest corporate bidders.
  5. There’s No More Denying It: Trump Is Openly Racist / Jim Hightower
    The GOP candidate’s brouhaha with a Mexican-American judge exposes him as a manic threat to anyone he dislikes.
  6. Radical Haters Unite / Khalil Bendib
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