The month of May marks college graduation season. This year, graduates are entering the job market with an average $37,000 worth of debt — the most of any class ever.

This week in OtherWords, Chuck Collins looks at one reason college costs have risen so high: States across the country are shifting their tax burdens away from multi-millionaires and onto middle-class families and student borrowers.

Also this week, Michael Keegan chronicles the conspiracy theorists who love Donald Trump, Khalil Bendib draws up the state of the GOP race, and Jim Hightower bids good riddance to the popular ride-sharing services Uber and Lyft in Austin.

Finally, Jill Richardson argues movingly that transphobic “bathroom bills” have nothing to do with protecting women from sexual assault.


Riding Trump’s Coattails, an OtherWords cartoon by Khalil Bendib

  1. A Commencement Address for the Most Indebted Class Ever / Chuck Collins
    The system is trying to squeeze you harder than any generation before you.
  2. A Coalition of the Unhinged / Michael B. Keegan
    Donald Trump has elevated the most bizarre and bigoted peddlers of conspiracy theories in America today.
  3. ‘Bathroom Bills’ Don’t Help Women at All / Jill Richardson
    Instead of bullying transgender people, here are a few laws that could actually make women safer.
  4. Uber Goes Under in Austin / Jim Hightower
    Arrogant ridesharing corporations thought they could buy an election, but they chose the wrong city.
  5. Riding Trump’s Coattails / Khalil Bendib
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