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This week in OtherWords, Scott Klinger weighs in on the last-minute fiscal deal, William A. Collins and I explain why our nation’s kids get outscored on international tests, Jim Hightower highlights the Orange County Register‘s novel business idea, and David Elliot reminds us of why Medicare and Medicaid are so important.

Weekly columnists Sam Pizzigati and Jill Richardson will return on Jan. 9. Donald Kaul is keeping his promise to follow an unpredictable schedule.

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  1. The Dropped Ball / Scott Klinger
    While the White House and much of the media spun the hurried late-night move as a victory for the middle class, it was a win paid for with tax cuts worth hundreds of billions of dollars for America’s wealthiest families.
  2. Safety Net Under Siege / David Elliot
    Medicare and Medicaid are essential for the security of millions of Americans.
  3. A Newsworthy Investment / Jim Hightower
    The Orange County Register is defying conventional wisdom by offering readers more and better coverage to boost business.
  4. The Public School Business / Emily Schwartz Greco and William A. Collins
    High-stakes testing and charters won’t fix what’s wrong with America’s educational system.
  5. The Magic of Privatizing Public Schools / Khalil Bendib cartoon

    privatizing public schools testing not helping

    The Magic of Privatizing Public Schools, an OtherWords cartoon by Khalil Bendib


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