This week, we’re full up again on coronavirus crisis perspectives.

On the health care front, fourth-year Georgia med student Mark Luskus talks about what the critical shortage of protective masks has meant for health care at his institution. And Dr. Leo Lopez, reporting from his diverse Connecticut community, explains why we need a lot more transparency about who’s getting access to covid-19 tests.

On the worker front, U.S. army vet turned farmers market worker Kevin Basl argues that grocery workers braving this pandemic deserve the thanks more often reserved for veterans — and there’s no better thanks than health care and a living wage. Brian Wakamo, meanwhile, calls on sports team and stadium owners to support the low-wage stadium workers left on ice with their seasons suspended.

Also this week, Mitchell Zimmerman (who discloses he is over 75) muses on the GOP call to sacrifice seniors to the pandemic. And Jill Richardson explains how a relentless drive for economic “efficiency” helped set up this crisis, while “resilience” can get us through it.

Hope you’re staying healthy and sane out there.

New This Week…

‘Worst Case Scenario’: Health Care Workers Need Masks ASAP | Mark Luskus
As a fourth-year medical student, I see each day how a lack of masks is hindering our response to this pandemic.

Thank Farmers and Grocery Workers for Their Service | Kevin Basl
Our national security depends on those workers who feed us. They deserve a living wage and health care.

We Need a Lot More Transparency from the CDC | Leo Lopez
I work with communities that don’t trust the health system to deliver for them. A little transparency could go a long way.

Athletes Are Supporting Stadium Workers. Why Aren’t Owners? | Brian Wakamo
The owners of sports teams make billions off low-wage stadium workers. With games suspended, those workers deserve help.

Q & A on the GOP’s Call for Elder Sacrifice | Mitchell Zimmeran
It’s now officially a matter of reasonable debate whether we should kill old people to avoid a recession.

Efficiency vs. Resilience | Jill Richardson
This crisis is pulling back the curtain on unfettered capitalism, showing that we are actually interconnected.

Essential Business | Khalil Bendib
A man has a right to defend his castle (and TP stash).

In Case You Missed It…

Coronavirus Proves It: We Need Medicare for All | Ashar Foley
Health care rationing isn’t what awaits us in a single-payer system. It’s happening now in our failed for-profit system.

Wash Your Hands — If You Have Water | Negin Owliaei
Americans are going to need a lot of help in the coming months. Ending water shutoffs — permanently — is the least cities can do.

What 9/11 Can Teach Us About Responding to Coronavirus | Ray Brescia
The community came together to help 9/11 survivors and their families get relief. Here are the lessons we learned for the hard times ahead.

To Fight Coronavirus, Fight Poverty | Kait Ziegler
Americans aren’t stocking up on toilet paper because we fear a virus. It’s because we fear our system won’t protect us.

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