After a massive ICE raid on immigrant workers in Mississippi left kids coming home from school to empty homes, Alabama activist Justin Vest has a message for agency: You’re not welcome in the South.

The raid was preceded by mass shootings in Ohio and Texas, the latter seemingly inspired in part by President Trump’s anti-immigrant rhetoric.

Against this backdrop, Tracey L. Rogers argues, it’s not enough for Trump’s Democratic challengers to simply argue about policy. They need to present a compelling moral argument — a stance taken most forthrightly, she says, by long-shot candidate Marianne Williamson.

Also this week, Negin Owliaei runs the numbers on how red state legislatures have stymied wage increases for their poorest workers. Jill Richardson explains why race is a social reality even if it isn’t a biological one. And Jim Hightower examines the impact of NAFTA 2.0 on ranchers.

New This Week…

ICE: You’re Not Welcome in the South | Justin Vest
I’m sick of the government claiming it “protects” me by locking up my immigrant neighbors while their kids are at school.

Candidates Need a Moral Vision | Tracey L. Rogers
Politics that focus on policy alone are bound to fail. At least one long-shot candidate understands that.

Red State Rip-Off | Negin Owlaei
If you’re a minimum wage worker in a conservative state, your state lawmakers may have cut your paycheck by over $4,000.

Race Is a Social Construct. It Still Matters. | Jill Richardson
From the colonial era to the El Paso shooting, the social impact of race is enormous.

Where’s the Beef in NAFTA 2.0? | Jim Hightower
Trump’s new trade deal would encourage multinational meat packers to abandon America’s family ranchers.

We Have Found the Enemy… | Khalil Bendib
… And he is us.

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Seventy-four years after Hiroshima and Nagasaki, a No First Use pledge would make our country — and the world — much safer.

Trump’s New Coal Rules Will Bury Rural America | Gloria Oladipo
People of color and white rural populations are going to suffer the most from the EPA’s war on renewable power.

5 Ways the Economy Is Stacked Against Young People | Josh Hoxie
Millennials suffer stagnant wages and high expenses in an economy not designed for them — but there’s hope.

The Value of Community College | Pablo Pratt
Community colleges are a crucial stepping stone, and they cost far less than four-year schools. They should be free.

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