This week, the Trump administration has openly fomented a coup against Venezuela’s socialist government.

The right often offers Venezuela as a sort of boogeyman for what progressives would do to the United States. This week in OtherWords, I argue that we should be a lot more worried about the Trump administration figures pushing for a coup there. Their human rights record is worse than anything you’ll find in Venezuela — and they’re already in charge here.

Meanwhile, billionaire Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz is thinking about running for president. Jill Richardson explains why maybe we should want fewer billionaire presidents, not more.

Also this week, Bob Lord argues that black America’s vanishing wealth needs to be white America’s problem, too. Iowan Julie Duhn says it’s time for her congressman, Rep. Steve King, to stop embarrassing her state. Jim Hightower says there’s a better place to build a wall than Texas. And Khalil Bendib thinks Rudy Giuliani is a bad lawyer.

New This Week…

People Who Care About Democracy Don’t Plot Coups Abroad | Peter Certo
Do we think people who armed death squads and started wars really want to “bring democracy” to Venezuela?

Another Billionaire Presidential Candidate Who Doesn’t Get It | Jill Richardson
It’s human nature to be clueless about those with less privilege than you — which for billionaires includes nearly everyone.

Black America’s Vanishing Wealth Is Bad for All Americans | Bob Lord
The racial wealth divide gives billionaires more power over all of us. The answer? Reparations.

I Live in Steve King’s District. It’s Time for Him to Go. | Julie Duhn
Instead of fighting for our struggling communities, Steve King scapegoats the immigrants keeping them alive.

Build That Wall (Around Mar-a-Largo) | Jim Hightower
The Mexican border doesn’t need a wall, but maybe South Florida does…

With Friends Like These… | Khalil Bendib
“I never said it wasn’t collusion!”

In Case You Missed It…

Extreme Wealth Threatens Our Very Planet | Sam Pizzigati
Millions of years ago, life on Earth survived an existential climate crisis. But that Earth had a distinct advantage: no rich people.

How Not to Report on Prison Conditions | Adam Johnson
A recent report revealed widespread abuse at U.S. prisons, but media coverage made it sound like prisoners have it too good.

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