President Trump finally endorsed wearing a mask this week, admitting at last that the COVID-19 pandemic is getting worse. But that doesn’t mean he isn’t still fighting the CDC, blocking expert testimony, and trying to keep states from getting money for testing, writes Jill Richardson.

Meanwhile, as movements for racial justice continue, Dedrick Asante-Muhammad and Jamie Buell call on the corporations tweeting their support to walk the walk at their own companies. And Kayla Soren explains why decriminalizing fare evasion is a sensible way to defund bloated police budgets.

Also this week, Josue De Luna Navarro explains the connections between climate change and migration, and why we need a more humane approach to both. Jim Hightower catalogs the lobbyists who’ve hitched their wagon to Trump 2020. And Khalil Bendib imagines Trump just sweeping COVID-19 under the rug.

New This Week…

Trump’s Authoritarianism Is Ill-Suited to a Pandemic | Jill Richardson
Even if he’s wearing a mask now, he’s still trying to conceal data, silence experts, and block funding.

Can Corporations Walk the Walk on Racial Justice? | Dedrick Asante-Muhammad and Jamie Buell
Many companies are tweeting about their commitment to racial equity, but not practicing it in their own staffing.

Decriminalize Fare Evasion | Kayla Soren
You don’t go to jail for missing a highway toll. It shouldn’t be any different on transit.

Need Money for a Green New Deal? Get It from ICE | Josue De Luna Navarro
With the money we spend on ICE and CBP, we could solar power nearly 35 million homes.

Meet the Lobbyists Shelling Out for Trump 2020 | Jim Hightower
Lobbyist insiders are hoping to get another four-year ride on the corrupt money-go-round.

Pandemic No More | Khalil Bendib
Who needs masks when you’ve got a broom?

In Case You Missed It…

Cut the Pentagon 10 Percent, Invest in Public Health | Lindsay Koshgarian
Tanks and ships can’t save us from our greatest dangers, so let’s pay for the things that can.

Now Is the Time for Free College | Margot Rathke
With youth unemployment and student debt skyrocketing, young people need free higher education.

I Got COVID-19 at Work. I Won’t Be the Last One. | Claire Chadwick
Essential workers aren’t being treated like our lives are essential at all.

Learning Not to Look Away | Jill Richardson
Anti-racist work can be emotionally difficult. Take time to process your feelings — but don’t forget the big picture.

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