In response to the abominable conditions at the administration’s internment camps for immigrants, many American Jewish activists have revived the cry of “Never Again,” and leveled it directly towards ICE.

This week in OtherWords, Rachel Hodes — one of those activists — explains why the call to “abolish ICE” isn’t remotely as radical as keeping it. And Jim Hightower argues that what Trump wants at the border isn’t a solution — and isn’t even a wall. Instead, he wants a crisis, and that’s what he’s creating.

Also this week, Jill Richardson responds to an administration plan to drastically cut food stamps by talking about her own time on the program. And Barbara Gottlieb details a remarkable body of research concluding that it’s time to stop fracking once and for all — immediately.

Finally, Brian Wakamo says the best way to celebrate the U.S. Women’s World Cup victory is to move toward equal pay for all women in this country.

New This Week…

What ‘Abolish ICE’ Really Means | Rachel Hodes
It’s about asking whether we need an immigration system that terrorizes the least dangerous people in this country.

You Don’t Save Money by Forcing People to Go Hungry | Jill Richardson
Food stamps helped me get back on my feet during a tough time. Cutting them is lose-lose.

The Research Is In: Stop Fracking ASAP | Barbara Gottlieb
Over 1,500 reports show there’s simply no safe way to do it — and it’s harming us all every day it goes on.

Celebrate American Excellence — With Equal Pay! | Brian Wakamo
In soccer and in everything else, we need to pay America’s millions of underpaid women what they’re worth.

What Trump Really Wants at the Border | Jim Hightower
Trump doesn’t want a wall — he wants a crisis, even if he has to cause it himself.

Like I Said, No Obstruction | Khalil Bendib
Who’s going to say otherwise?

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When They Go Low, the Squad Goes Bold | Sarah Anderson and Negin Owliaei
The four congresswomen are responding to vile attacks with bold ideas to combat inequality — and help their constituents.

To Save Rural Hospitals, Pass Medicare for All | Andy Spears
Until everyone has access to health coverage, we’ll continue to see the devastating impacts of medical debt and struggling hospitals.

Retirement Shouldn’t Mean Poverty | Katherine Newman
Social security helps, but growing inequality means millions of elders are just barely making it.

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