High-stakes midterms are just around the corner, with early voting already underway in several states. And the closer we get to Election Day, the more virulent the statements out of the White House seem to be getting.

First are the familiar attacks on immigrants. This week in OtherWords, Domenica Ghanem looks at Donald Trump’s many false claims about a migrant caravan, which journalists generously call “evidence-free.” Domenica wonders why they can’t just call them racist lies.

Then there’s attacks on trans people. Robin Carver explains how this makes life for trans people like her downright terrifying. And Jill Richardson thinks it’s outrageous that the administration claims the attacks are based on “science.”

Finally there’s voting itself. Robert P. Alvarez reports this week on brazen GOP efforts to suppress the vote in states with key elections.

Beneath the partisan fireworks, many activists are pushing progressive change through ballot initiatives. Sarah Anderson reports on a campaign to make home care accessible for all seniors in Maine. And Paul Armentano holds up efforts to bring state-level marijuana laws in line with public opinion favoring legalization.

New This Week…

Being Trans in America Was Already Scary. Now It’s Terrifying. | Robin Carver
A new federal order wouldn’t just deny civil rights protections to trans people. It would deny we exist altogether.

Journalists Say Trump’s Caravan Claims Are ‘Evidence Free.’ It’s Worse Than That. | Domenica Ghanem
Reporters know the president is telling racist lies to rile up his base. Why won’t they just say that?

Even as Voter Registration Soars, Voter Suppression Lives On | Robert P. Alvarez
Is your state working to increase accessibility to the ballot box, or to disenfranchise its citizens?

Any Senior Who Needs Home Care Should Get It | Sarah Anderson
Caring for loved ones with dementia is hard enough. Families shouldn’t have to bear a financial crisis on top of that.

More Americans Than Ever Want Marijuana Legalized. Lawmakers Should Listen. | Paul Armentano
Nearly two-thirds of Americans want cannabis to be legal — but marijuana arrests are going up, not down.

Trump’s Gender ‘Science’ Is Reductive, Mean, and Wrong | Jill Richardson
The White House says its move to erase the civil rights of 1.4 million transgender Americans is “grounded in science.” No it bloody well isn’t.

What, Me Worry? | Khalil Bendib
Trump responds to a stark UN panel warning on climate change.

In Case You Missed It…

Progressives Need to be Bold Enough to Fail | Norah Vawter
I don’t believe that we’re going to create real change through the compromises and decorum of so-called moderates.

All Laws That Make It a Crime to Be Homeless Should Be Repealed | John Tharp and Maria Foscarinis
Here’s what should replace them.


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