President Trump was (briefly) in Puerto Rico this week, talking up his administration’s response to the devastating hurricanes that have left the island in a sustained state of crisis. But he’s also lashed out at the U.S. citizens of the colony for “wanting everything done for them.”

This week in OtherWords, Jill Richardson writes that the people of Puerto Rico are demanding no less than the protection of their federal government, which all U.S. citizens deserve. Khalil Bendib, meanwhile, speculates that the president may be too busy protecting billionaires.

Also this week, Jessicah Pierre offers a way forward for NFL team owners who’ve spoken out against the president’s comments about players who protest racial injustice: Donate to Colin Kaepernick’s foundation.

Rounding out our package, Rick Hodges reflects on the role of the disability community in thwarting the recent federal assaults on Medicaid. Dawn Huckelbridge reports on the under-reported crisis in American child care access. And Jim Hightower runs the numbers on the border wall.


Khalil Bendib /

  1. The NFL Should Do More Than Just Take A Knee / Jessicah Pierre
    NFL owners have banded together against Trump’s divisive comments, but will they put their money where their mouth is?
  2. American Child Care Is In Crisis / Dawn Huckelbridge
    The lack of affordable child care should be front and center when we talk about the economy.
  3. Don’t Mess With the Disability Community / Rick Hodges
    In its efforts to drastically cut Medicaid, Congress crossed an uncommonly tough group of people.
  4. We’re Failing the U.S. Citizens of Puerto Rico / Jill Richardson
    Wanting federal aid in a natural disaster isn’t wanting “everything done for you.” It’s what we should all expect.
  5. Trump Wants $1.6 Billion for the Border Wall. That Covers Just 74 Miles. / Jim Hightower
    All this for a boondoggle project most Americans continue to oppose.
  6. Help Is on the Way! / Khalil Bendib
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