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This week in OtherWords is no exception. We’ve got Donald Kaul’s take on the latest gunslinging carnage, the lowdown from Jim Hightower about fallen coal baron Don Blankenship’s day in court, my outlook for fossil-free investment, and Tiffany Williams’ personal viewpoint on the nation’s retirement crisis.

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All-American Bullet, an OtherWords cartoon by Khalil Bendib

All-American Bullet, an OtherWords cartoon by Khalil Bendib

  1. Have Yourself Some Anti-Refugee Hysteria / Chris Toensing
    This holiday season, politicians are taking aim at some of the most helpless people on earth.
  2. Working Until It’s Time for Your Grave / Tiffany Williams
    Like many Americans, my mom has no retirement savings.
  3. What the GOP’s Putting Under Corporate America’s Tree / Jessica Schieder
    This year-end tax package is a grab bag of gifts for corporations and a lump of coal for working families.
  4. Turning the USA into the OK Corral / Donald Kaul
    The only winner after the San Bernardino shootout is the Second Amendment.
  5. What the Red Cup Controversy Really Says about Christmas in America / John Kiriakou
    Can we lighten up?
  6. Don’t Be a Fossil-Foolish Investor / Emily Schwartz Greco
    The purely financial case for ditching oil, gas, and coal is getting stronger.
  7. It’s Time to Fire Trump / Jill Richardson
    How, in 2015, can anyone running on a racist, xenophobic ticket find any support at all?
  8. Put This Coal Kingpin in the Stocks / Jim Hightower
    Disgraced CEO Don Blankenship won’t serve more than a year for effectively killing 29 of his workers.
  9. All-American Bullet / Khalil Bendib


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Emily Schwartz Greco

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