As Donald Trump’s so-called “Muslim ban” languishes in the courts, we’re continuing our coverage of its impacts. This week, Jody Mashek shares what’s she learned about the human costs of the order through her work with refugee families in the Midwest.

Also this week, in the wake of the Senate’s confirmation of the extremely controversial Jeff Sessions as our next attorney general, Ebony Slaughter-Johnson observes an end to the informal alliance between the U.S. Justice Department and advocates for police reform.

In other news, Sarah Anderson explains how tax avoidance by the richest Americans is drying up America’s heartland communities. And she proposes a fix: closing billionaire-friendly loopholes so we can fund things like debt-free education for young people who want to stay in their communities.

Rounding out our package this week, Jill Richardson sizes up the full-scale GOP assault on the environmental regulations. Jim Hightower calls out the Trump administration for re-writing financial rules to help financial advisers rip off ordinary retirement savers. And finally, cartoonist Khalil Bendib images Donald Trump as an Attila the Hun-like figure, presiding over a wasteland of wrecked democratic institutions.


Khalil Bendib/

  1. To Save Main Street, Tax Wall Street / Sarah Anderson
    Tax avoidance by the wealthiest Americans is drying up our heartland communities and squelching opportunities for our young people.
  2. The Human Cost of Trump’s Muslim Ban / Jody Mashek
    I’ve seen firsthand how the White House’s cruel ban is impacting moms and kids here in the United States.
  3. The End of an Alliance for Police Reform / Ebony Slaughter-Johnson
    In the Trump administration, advocates for investigating police misconduct are on their own.
  4. American Hellscape / Jill Richardson
    Republicans are governing like their constituents don’t breathe air or drink water.
  5. The Banksters Are Free at Last / Jim Hightower
    Trump’s going all out to liberate unscrupulous bankers from the shackles of ethics.
  6. Attila the Trump / Khalil Bendib
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