This week in OtherWords, Mitchell Zimmerman, Jill Richardson, and Khalil Bendib weigh in on the tragic murder of three young Muslim Americans in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. And Michael Brune and I make the case for moving quickly to a fossil-free future.

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  1. When Your Armed Neighbor Comes Knocking / Mitchell Zimmerman
    Why is it legal to carry a gun to a noise complaint?
  2. A Mythical Right to Discriminate / Peter Montgomery
    Anti-LGBT activists are masking their bigotry as a quest to protect “religious freedom.”
  3. Forging Our Future / Michael Brune
    Some leaders are taking climate concerns and the need for greener energy more seriously than others.
  4. Money to Burn / Sam Pizzigati
    While millions can’t even afford to feed their kids, the super rich are hiring a Swiss company to name theirs.
  5. King Coal Catches Black Lung / Emily Schwartz Greco
    Companies large and small are hurtling toward bankruptcy.
  6. Forget the Stereotypes / Jill Richardson
    The only problem with Muslims in America is that there aren’t enough of them.
  7. Goosey as Ever / Jim Hightower
    The GOP’s presidential field features some weary right-wing retreads.
  8. Caught in the Crosshairs / Khalil Bendib cartoon
Caught in the Crosshairs, an OtherWords cartoon by Khalil Bendib

Caught in the Crosshairs, an OtherWords cartoon by Khalil Bendib


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