This week in OtherWords, Olivia Alperstein laments Gloria Steinem’s take on why so many young women are feeling the Bern, John Kiriakou draws attention to the shocking state of health care for incarcerated women, and Anastasia Walker weighs in on anti-trans bathroom bills.

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Hillary Clinton's Little Red Riding Hood Problem, an OtherWords cartoon by Khalil Bendib

Hillary Clinton’s Little Red Riding Hood Problem, an OtherWords cartoon by Khalil Bendib

  1. Real Feminists Don’t Tell Women How to Vote / Olivia Alperstein
    We have no time to waste on sexism within our own ranks.
  2. Journalists Should Stand Up for Whistleblowers / Timothy Karr
    The media requires free-flowing information — and so does our democracy.
  3. Public Hoopla over Private Parts / Anastasia Walker
    Lawmakers have no business following trans people into the bathroom.
  4. The Unelectibility Winning Streak / Donald Kaul
    John Kasich does well when he can sit next to you in a diner and ask about your grandkids, but this country is too big for that kind of campaigning.
  5. A Greener Leap Year / Emily Schwartz Greco
    Try to devote a few of those bonus hours in 2016 to picturing life after fossil fuels.
  6. America’s Killer Prisons / John Kiriakou
    Inmates across America die every day because of substandard medical care.
  7. Walling off Common Sense / Jill Richardson
    Trump’s border plan is such a loser.
  8. Mitch McConnell Is a Supreme Hypocrite / Jim Hightower
    The president’s responsibility to appoint judges isn’t voided in an election year.
  9. Hillary Clinton’s Little Red Riding Hood Problem / Khalil Bendib
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Emily Schwartz Greco

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