This side of Donald Trump’s inauguration, the headlines are coming quickly. We’ve seen cabinet nominee hearings, a flurry of controversial executive orders, and a record-setting Women’s March on Washington and beyond.

There’s also that mind-boggling debate over inaugural crowd sizes and “alternative facts” vs. the real ones. This week in OtherWords, I suggest that if Donald Trump can convince his supporters of a plain-as-day lie about the size of his inaugural crowd, he can lie about anything — including things that could hurt his own voters.

Also this week, former BlackRock director Morris Pearl explains how Trump’s billionaire cabinet nominees can use a special loophole to avoid paying any taxes on the assets they have to sell to take office. Chuck Collins takes on the GOP Congress over cuts to the estate tax, a millionaire-only tax break of the kind Trump’s treasury nominee promised to avoid. And Khalil Bendib imagines the White House as “Trump, Inc.”

Elsewhere, David Stookey looks at the Trump administration’s early actions on climate and decides it’s time for local communities to start protecting themselves. Jill Richardson shares some ideas for what you can do next if you went to the Women’s March. And Jim Hightower reports on a shadowy group trying to rewrite the U.S. Constitution.

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  1. The Trouble with Trump’s ‘Alternative Facts’ / Peter Certo
    If Trump can sell a plain-as-day lie about his inauguration crowd, he can lie about anything — including things that hurt his own supporters.
  2. Trump’s First Test on Taxes / Chuck Collins
    Trump’s voters didn’t vote to make the richest richer, but the Republican Congress is about to.
  3. Climate Change Is Now a Local Issue / David W. Stookey
    The cavalry isn’t coming to stop global warming, so it’s high time we start adapting our own communities and homes.
  4. A Special Loophole for Trump’s Millionaire Cabinet / Morris Pearl
    Trump’s millionaire cabinet nominees could avoid paying taxes on millions of dollars worth of stock.
  5. How to Keep Marching for Women, and Yourself / Jill Richardson
    You can fight for equality every day, in big ways and small.
  6. Billionaires Are Tampering with Our Constitution / Jim Hightower
    A corporate-backed lobbying group is pushing a slate of amendments to transfer power from people to big business.
  7. In Trump We Trust / Khalil Bendib
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Peter Certo

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