This week, Donald Trump officially accepts the Republican Party’s nomination for president. The party’s convention in Cleveland has produced a batch of headlines that, like a lot of general election news these days, seems likely to inspire a spike in Google searches for what it would take to move to Canada.

In OtherWords, Chuck Collins says that’s not actually a bad idea. With declining social mobility in the United States, he argues, the American Dream actually moved north years ago. (For those of us who prefer to stay, though, he has smart ideas about how to bring it back.)

On a related note, Jill Richardson says that loving America means finding fault with it sometimes.

Also this week, Marge Baker looks at the records of right-wing policymakers and concludes that their problem with women doesn’t come down to rhetoric from people like Trump alone. Instead, it’s about policy.

Finally, Joshua Serrano lays out some systemic ideas for addressing police violence in this countryfor when the videos of the latest shootings inevitably fall out of the news. And Khalil Bendib suggests that the NRA’s anti-gun control agenda has put police officers’ lives in danger.


an OtherWords cartoon by Khalil Bendib.

  1. I Can’t Watch Another Police Killing / Joshua Serrano
    Shocking videos will come and go, but systemic police violence will continue regardless of whether we’re watching.
  2. The American Dream Moved to Canada / Chuck Collins
    We’re witnessing accelerating advantages for the affluent and compounding disadvantages for everyone else.
  3. Trump Isn’t the Only Republican with a Woman Problem / Marge Baker
    Conservative policymakers have relentlessly curtailed women’s freedom, security, and autonomy for years.
  4. Loving America Means Finding Fault With It / Jill Richardson
    Nobody would say we’re flawless — especially not in a summer of mass shootings and police killings.
  5. An Unregulated Militia / Khalil Bendib
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