This week, flanked by coal miners, Donald Trump announced plans to reverse the Obama administration’s Clean Power Plan.

Trump has blamed that signature Obama climate initiative for the loss of coal jobs, but as Jill Richardson points out this week, it hasn’t even gone into effect yet. Scrapping it won’t bring those jobs back — but it will be a huge handout to fossil fuel companies, at the expense of our environment.

Also in the news this week is a rising tide of civilian casualties from Iraq and Syria, especially a U.S. bombing in Mosul that may have left 200 civilians dead. We may now be killing even more civilians in the Middle East than the Russians, I write below, and that’s only going to make terrorism worse.

On a more upbeat note, Martha Burk observes “Equal Pay Day” (and explains what that is!) by highlighting a surprisingly simple proposal that could close the gender pay gap. And Oscar Reyes calls for recasting “Autism Awareness Day” (April 2) as “Autism Acceptance Day” in a lovely tribute to kids living with autism.

Rounding out our package this week, Sam Pizzigati shows what the ebb and flow of the Rockefeller family fortune reveals about American taxes. Jim Hightower probes deeper into that failed health care bill the Republicans wanted to replace Obamacare with. And Khalil Bendib pokes fun at Trump’s struggles to get his agenda moving.


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  1. Are You Watching Iraq? You Should Be. / Peter Certo
    Under Trump, the U.S. may now be killing more civilians in the Middle East than the Russians.
  2. A New Way to Close the Gender Pay Gap / Martha Burk
    New research suggests the gap between men and women won’t close till 2059 — unless cities and states try this new fix.
  3. The History of Taxes, in One Mega-Rich Family / Sam Pizzigati
    Yes, we can slim the rich down to size. Unfortunately, they can also grow back.
  4. My Autistic Child Isn’t ‘Diseased’ / Oscar Reyes
    Instead of trying to “cure” autism, we should focus on creating a friendlier, more respectful environment.
  5. Gutting Climate Protections Won’t Bring Back Coal Jobs / Jill Richardson
    Trump is using sympathetic out-of-work miners as a cover for what is really just a handout to dirty industry.
  6. Trumpcare Was for CEOs, Not Patients / Jim Hightower
    Buried in Paul Ryan’s failed replacement for Obamacare was a huge handout to overpaid health insurance CEOs.
  7. Emperor Trump / Khalil Bendib
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