This week in OtherWords, I size up President Obama’s disorienting climate leadership and Sarah Anderson weighs in on the nation’s retirement divide.

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How a Pipeline Becomes a Trophy, an OtherWords cartoon by Khalil Bendib


  1. The Golden Years Gap / Sarah Anderson
    Just 100 CEOs have as much saved up for retirement as 50 million American families combined.
  2. My Thanksgiving Terror / Rebecca Rehr
    One look at that turkey and I can’t get my mind off how factory farming is endangering our health.
  3. Bright Ideas from the GOP’s Finest / Martha Burk
    Can we really take another year of nasty rhetoric and nonsense proposals?
  4. The Three F’s of Thanksgiving / Larissa Johnson
    Why not emulate the Mayflower’s passengers and go local with your holiday feast?
  5. Who Can Follow This Climate Leader? / Emily Schwartz Greco
    President Obama rejected the Keystone XL pipeline while backing increased oil, gas, and coal production.
  6. Paying for Patriotism / John Kiriakou
    The Pentagon shells out millions for sports leagues to “support the troops” with cheap stunts.
  7. Sandra Bullock’s New Film Gets History Oh So Wrong / Jill Richardson
    The satirical flick about American campaign strategists in Bolivia fails to mention they worked for the bad guy.
  8. Will This Lord of the Manor Get Locked Up? / Jim Hightower
    Former coal CEO Don Blankenship is in the hot seat for putting money above everything else.
  9. How a Pipeline Becomes a Trophy / Khalil Bendib cartoon


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