This week in OtherWords, John Kiriakou points out that Hillary Clinton should have known better when she attacked Edward Snowden while Donald Kaul explains why the leading Democratic presidential candidate’s odds are so good.

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Noexitistan, an OtherWords cartoon b y Khalil Bendib

Noexitistan, an OtherWords cartoon by Khalil Bendib

  1. Obama’s Unholy Trade Policy / Manuel Perez-Rocha
    There’s a reason Pope Francis has condemned “free trade” pacts like the Trans-Pacific Partnership.
  2. Taking out the Trash Burners / Annie Leonard
    The fight against a dirty incinerator in Baltimore is an inspiration for all of us.
  3. Oddballs Like These Make Hillary’s Odds Good / Donald Kaul
    In the first Democratic debate, Clinton was a politician in complete command of her gifts.
  4. What Clinton Got Wrong About Snowden / John Kiriakou
    The former secretary of state attacked the NSA whistleblower without bothering to get her facts straight.
  5. The Great Pumpkin Shortage Is Coming / Emily Schwartz Greco
    Spooky weather patterns are disrupting specialty crops.
  6. When Your Teacher Asks If You Want Fries with That / Jill Richardson
    McDonald’s tricks cash-strapped schools into serving up their own students.
  7. An Awfully Bitter Brew / Jim Hightower
    Should one beer behemoth control 70 percent of the U.S. market?
  8. Noexitistan / Khalil Bendib


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