Rights and Democracy

Don’t Ask, Don’t Care

The glacial progress toward equality for gay Americans offers some revealing looks at our society. One is the weakening hold of religion, Roman Catholicism in particular. Until recently church bias against homosexuals was plainly understood, unspoken, unchallenged, and accepted.

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Five Years after Katrina

Five years after the devastation of Hurricanes Katrina and Rita and the botched recovery effort that followed, Congress has yet to ensure that survivors of future disasters on the Gulf Coast or elsewhere won’t face the nightmare that still prevents tens of thousands of former residents from returning to the Gulf states. The BP oil disaster is further compounding the consequences of that inept response.

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Mosque of Liberty

We would do well to remember why America as a nation exists at all: The early colonists from Europe fled the tyranny of monarchs who could tell them whom, how, whether, when, and where they could worship.

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We’re Not Colorblind

Tea partiers get upset when you call them racists. “We’re not racists,” they yell. “We’re God-fearing Americans who don’t like Obama’s socialist, affirmative-action ways. We just want freedom from government interference in a colorblind society.”

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Whistleblowers Get a Refuge

Iceland certainly needed a PR boost. It has never received proper credit for its strict and sustainable management of fisheries. Other nations would do well to follow suit. Instead, it’s more publicized for its shame as one of the world’s few remaining nations that won’t stop hunting whales. It scored low on global popularity polls for whaling. Then it proceeded to lose its shirt in the international banking meltdown. Followed by that annoying volcano, which devastated air travel for weeks. Plainly, Iceland isn’t a place to emulate.

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