This week in OtherWords, Mitchell Zimmerman, Khalil Bendib, and I weigh in on the Affordable Care Act and Jill Richardson ponders better ways to mark Valentine’s Day. On our blog, Karen Dolan sizes up the Farm Bill in verse.

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  1. America the Beautiful for the 21st Century / Raul A. Reyes
    Coca-Cola deserves praise for its inclusive Super Bowl commercial.
  2. Tipping the Scales of Inequality / Marjorie Elizabeth Wood
    Stagnating wages for tipped workers is part of a bigger story of rising inequality in America.
  3. It’s Health Care, Not Software / Mitchell Zimmerman
    The initial and temporary difficulty millions of Americans suffered when they first tried to sign up doesn’t matter.
  4. Utah’s Progressive Innovation / John Stoehr
    Fiscal conservatism turned the state into an unlikely leader in the fight to end homelessness.
  5. Are We Doomed to Ever More Inequality? / Sam Pizzigati
    New research suggests that we’re certainly headed that way unless we go beyond token changes.
  6. Making Valentine’s Day More Meaningful / Jill Richardson
    The value of a gift increases with the thoughtfulness put into it.
  7. The Unaffordable WeDon’tCare Act / Emily Schwartz Greco
    The GOP’s belated solution to the nation’s health insurance challenges just makes working families pay more.
  8. Taking Tailgate Patrol to the Next Level / Jim Hightower
    Ohio State University’s new armored truck is overkill for the security needed at its football games.
  9. Winning Elections by Hook or by Crook / William A. Collins
    Our electoral process doesn’t fit within the traditional definition of “democracy,” so we’re changing the definition.
  10. A Tough Act to Follow / Khalil Bendib Affordable Care Act cartoon

    The Unaffordable Health Care Act, an OtherWords cartoon by Khalil Bendib

    The Unaffordable Health Care Act, an OtherWords cartoon by Khalil Bendib

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