February is Black History Month. In this too-short observance month, Tracey L. Rogers takes a much longer view of the Black legacy in this country: an understanding of freedom that’s animated social movements for centuries. To build a country that’s free for everyone, it’s taken leadership from people who had no freedom at all.

Speaking of things that take centuries, the 2020 campaign season is already underway. Jill Richardson writes this week about how amazingly normal it’s become for women to run for president. Sarah Anderson explains why campaign season starts so confoundingly early — hint: it’s because of the money. (And that’s a bipartisan problem, adds cartoonist Khalil Bendib.)

Money in politics ruins more than elections. It ruins families. In a heartbreaking piece this week, Cindy Garcia explains how anti-immigrant politics have been used to advance a billionaire-friendly agenda — and put families like hers in the cross-hairs.

Also this week, Paul Armentano reports on how medical marijuana can bring down opioid use. Jim Hightower picks apart a huge tax scam in Wisconsin. And finally, a year after Parkland, Norah Vawter reflects on how youth movements have transformed everything from the gun debate to climate politics.

Freedom for All Begins With Freedom for the Most Marginalized | Tracey L. Rogers
During Black History Month, we celebrate the legacies of those who learned what it truly means to be free — by being denied freedom for centuries.

Trump Said He’d Protect Families — Then Deported My Husband | Cindy Garcia
The president uses racism and fear — and breaks up families like mine — to keep people divided while his billionaire buddies get tax cuts.

If You Hate Campaign Season, Blame Money in Politics | Sarah Anderson
The fact that 2020 candidates are announcing now is a testament to the huge expense of elections. Can a new law change that?

Now It’s Completely Normal for Women to Run for President | Jill Richardson
Gender isn’t a qualification for serving as president, of course. It’s just that for nearly two-and-a-half centuries, it has been.

Marijuana Can Help Fight Opioid Abuse | Paul Armentano
A huge pile of data shows that medical cannabis helps people reduce or eliminate opioid use for chronic pain.

The Kids Might Save Us All | Norah Vawter
For years, I’ve been fighting to save the planet for my son’s generation. Now they’re fighting for themselves.

Foxconn Bilked Wisconsin and the GOP Helped | Jim Hightower
After pocketing a huge taxpayer bribe from former Gov. Scott Walker, the manufacturer all but canceled plans to build a factory in the state.

Bipartisan Harmony at Last | Khalil Bendib
Billionaires are reaching across the aisle (to other billionaires) to oppose new taxes on themselves.

In Case You Missed It…

How the Age of Billionaires Ends | Josh Hoxie
Serious proposals are on the table to address the deepening divide between the uber-rich and the rest of us.

Give Teachers and First Responders a (Big) Tax Break | David Wallis
People who keep us safe and educate our kids shouldn’t have to rely on food stamps or second jobs.

My Patients’ Health Depends on Addressing Climate Change | Autumn Vogel
Climate change is going to put incredible stress on our already overburdened health system. We need to prepare now.

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