A Radical Agenda in Troubled Times

It hasn’t been an easy two years. In 2008, Americans flatly rejected a party that had created a devastating recession, sent our troops off to two seemingly unending wars, and refused to find solutions to crises in our immigration and health care systems. Two years later, we’ve seen some progress. Our troops are out of Iraq, Wall Street has been forced to end some of its most dangerous practices, and millions more Americans have health insurance. Other important reforms have been stalled by obstructionists in the U.S. Senate. The economic hard times, and the frustration, still linger.

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Farm-to-School’s Teachable Moment

Schools throughout the country are shaking up the cafeteria through new initiatives to improve children’s health while giving a boost to local farmers. It’s time to give the mystery meat a break and bring out locally produced apples, squash, tomatoes, and chicken.

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Poverty on the March

Congress has also greased the skids for American jobs to skitter overseas, and for employers here to import both high- and low-skilled workers to siphon off jobs from domestic payrolls. In the name of thrift, it has chiseled as well on unemployment, food stamps, housing, child care, and most other social services. Only military expenditures have spiraled upward unimpeded.

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Leading the Way to a Smarter Future

Moments of crisis offer two options: You can respond out of fear by hunkering down, arming yourself, and planning to shoot anyone that comes near your end-of-days outpost. Or you can embrace a smarter option by banding together and taking creative action toward a positive transition.

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From Death Row to Elusive Freedom

Frankly, every time I awaken from this nightmare of finding myself back on death row, I’m embarrassed. I have been out for a long time. I should be over it by now. But every time I get lost in a book or daydream, when I wake up in the morning, or look up from a crossword puzzle or read a newspaper, the feeling creeps up on me. I’m back on death row. And I am not alone.

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